Our Inspiration

The account of the Four Thieves story AKA spice traders as recorded in the Royal English Archives in15th century Marseille, France.

There awesome discovery is the background of our research and proprietary recipe for this amazing SEVENFOLD THERAPEUTIC LINE created to address our modern day lifestyle plagues. 

The story goes as the black plague struck Europe and trade was put to a halt.Faced with the dilemma of their business and people around them dying at a rapid pace, they looked for a way to support themselves. But these were no ordinary spice traders they understood the healing and protective powers of the spices and herbs they used for many years to keep themselves healthy as they traveled to distant shores. So they decided to use their knowledge of spices and herbs and concocted a mixture of various essential oils that they would rub all over their skin and clothes in order to protect themselves from the airborne germs. This allowed them to loot the homes of those affected by the plaque for all kinds of items, from jewelry to pots and pans and soon enough they developed a fairly lucrative pawn business. However, once the king found out they were forced to share their formula or loose their lives. And as all good stories end the recipe was shared with the country and many lives were spared and their formula lives on in this modern day world...fighting our modern day germs.




Slays! The first and must have therapeutic beauty oil for your modern lifestyle...not your face! An enticing warm spicy aromatic blend of seven 100% pure essential oils that cover a broad spectrum of antimicrobial, antiseptic, bactericidal, and anti-inflammatory properties to help strengthen the immune system and protect against germs, viruses and bacteria. No dilutions, no carrier oils, no additives, just the way nature intended.

Here are just a few things this amazing therapeutic beauty oil can do to make your life just a little bit healthier:

- Clean, sanitize and refreshen your smartphone, tablet, key board and mouse

- Add to your diffuser to help reduce airborne chemicals and bacteria in the air around you.

- Use as your professional complete antimicrobial cleanser for your make up brushes


For a healthy more happier you!