Welcome and Thank You

for inviting us into your space!

Who We Are

TRIBAL BY NATURE is a conscientious beauty and lifestyle brand on a global journey to unveil tribal beauty and lifestyle secrets. Our mission is to evoke joyous moments, improve lives and promote a healthy lifestyle. To that end, we create products handcrafted in tradition using indigenous materials. Then we reinvest a percentage of every product sold back into projects and people making a difference in our communities.


TRIBAL BY NATURE was founded in 2016 by Beauty Expert Clarisa Wilson, Founder and Global Curator. Inspired by the substance and style of the souls, that she has served for over thirty years, and driven by the desire to ensure that there is a company committed to satisfying their beauty and lifestyle needs in truth and transparency, TRIBAL BY NATURE was born. In her previous life Clarisa has held the positions of CEO, President as well as VP and Global General Manager for some of the most prestigious leading beauty brands in the multi-cultural space today. Those experiences have prepared her for this embark on creating a space
where you can shop with confidence and purchase with purpose knowing that you are making a difference.

Our Covenant

- Great Relevant Products
Luxurious product that work and truly have a reason for being.

- Your Care, Safety, and Health Will Always Come First
No harmful materials will be used to cut cost. Free of phthalate, dyes, chemical binders, and phthalates.

- Transparency
Clear listing of our ingredients on all package whether mandated by law or not. We promise to only add ingredients at levels that improve the product efficacy and benefits to you.

- Respect
We will not disrespect you in language, imagery or service.

- Community Investment
We will devote a portion of the sale from every product purchased to our Seeds of Empowerment (SOE) fund to support projects and people in our communities.

- A Rewarding Employment and Growth Opportunities
Our goal is to develop a culture that encourages every soul that honor us with their talent space to innovate as well the tools and resources to be successful.
We afford our tribal soul members the autonomy to tap into their own passions to delight customers, grow the company and share in the monetary rewards accordingly.

And most importantly,

- Our Gratitude
Whether in the form of promotions, community investments or a personal Thank You note, we plan to always express our authentic gratitude. For it is our deepest desire that you accept our gratitude for your patronage and we look forward to a bunch of wonderful experiences together.

Thank you for granting me the opportunity to live my truth!